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Equinox Digital Music Distribution announced the availability of Indonesian music on iTunes. The catalog of over 60 Indonesian artists forms Southeast Asia's largest selection of music in digital format, according to the company. It will include little known genres such as Bali rockabilly, Bandung electronica, and Jakarta metal. Distribution agreements have been signed with Musica Studios, Aquarius Musikindo and Pro Sound Records, as well as top indie labels like Aksara Records from Jakarta, Fast Forward Records from Bandung and Electrohell Records from Bali. The music will be available on Friday, February 17 and will feature artists, such as Dewa, Rossa, KLa Project, Homogenic, Netral and Dewi Lestari. "We are thrilled to bring this new and exciting dimension of Indonesia to music fans around the world," said Mark Hanusz, proprietor of Equinox Publishing and Founder of Equinox DMD. "People will soon discover that Indonesia has so much more music to offer than just gamelan."

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